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Anxiety and Fibromyalgia Causes of Anxiety Treatment of Anxiety MI

Anxiety Disorder is characterized by excessive anxiety and worry about everyday life and events. People tend to expect disaster and cannot stop worrying about money, health, work, family, and self. The worry is often unrealistic and out of proportion and daily life becomes a constant state of worry, fear, and dread. Anxiety may dominate a person's thinking so much that it may interfere with daily functioning, social activities, and relationships.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Excessive, ongoing worry and tension
An unrealistic view of problemsAnxiety and Fibromyalgia Causes of Anxiety Treatment of Anxiety MI
Restlessness or a feeling of being "edgy"
Muscle tension
Difficulty concentrating
Nausea, diarrhea, stomach aches
The need to go to the bathroom frequently
Trouble falling asleep or staying awake
Being easily startled
Heart palpitations
Chest pain

Causes of Anxiety


Genetics - Research suggests that a family history of anxiety increases the chances of a person having anxiety. This means that the tendency may be passed on in families.


Brain Chemistry - Anxiety has been associated with abnormal levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain which alters the way the brain reacts in certain situations, leading to anxiety.


Environmental Factors - Trauma and stressful events, such as abuse, the death of a loved one, divorce, changing jobs or schools, increase periods of stress may lead to worsening anxiety.

Treatment of Anxiety and Depression


Medications such as SSRIs and/or SNRIs slow down the reabsorption of the body's own neurotransmitters (serotonin or norepinephrine) enabling them to stay active in the blood longer, hence decreasing anxiety and depression. The action of these medications also help decrease pain and enhance sleep. Medications that are commonly used are Lexapro, Effexor, Savella, and Cymbalta.


Cognitive behavioral therapy helps reduced depression by reducing negative beliefs and attitudes.


Exercise - Movement in warm water, walking, yoga, Tai Chi, and/or using cardio machines decrease stress, increase serotonin thus decreasing depression and anxiety.: for example thyroid hormones or hormonal changes in menopause.


Relaxation Techniques - The relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. Techniques that relax the body and mind are meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, Tai Chi, acupuncture, massage therapy, aromatherapy, hot baths with mineral salts, and more.


Decreasing or consumption of products that contain caffeine such as coffee, tea, chocolate, and cola. Withdrawal from addictive substances including alcohol, caffeine and nicotine can worsen anxiety.


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