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I have been fighting chronic fatigue for approximately 12 years, fibromyalgia for 4 years, low blood sugar for 35 years, irritable bowel syndrome most of my life and Raynauds syndrome for four years. I am a single 49 year old female with one married daughter, and one granddaughter. I am also a sister and caregiver for my brother, who has been a quadriplegic, for 18 years.

My life and my health have been a disaster. I have been to numerous physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists. Every part of my body and life was filled with fatigue and pain from these diseases. I felt that I had tried everything and had even contemplated ending my life. As you can infer, depression was also becoming a major factor in my life.

I learned about Dr. Irene C. Metro in the Phenomenews magazine in July of 2000. I called her office and spoke to her receptionist and asked a number of questions. Dr. Metro then took my call and talked to me for quite some time. Our telephone conversation convinced me she is a caring person and doctor. Dr. Metro was putting on a seminar, which I told my friend, Barbara, about. She agreed to go to the seminar with me. She knew I was barely holding on. The workshop was to take place a month later.

In the following two weeks I thought a lot about what Dr. Metro told me on the telephone. I decided to call and make an appointment before the workshop took place. My first appointment with Dr. Metro was on August 5, 2000. She gave me a through examination and then we discussed my symptoms, goals and developed a plan of action. This took approximately two and one half hours. My "gut" feeling told me that I should try Dr. Metro's way. I am so glad I did! After two months I am 90% better.

Dr. Metro is not only a great doctor, she has become a good friend. I believe she is an angel in disguise! I would go into Dr. Metro's office and she would look me straight in the eyes and says "tell me everything".

Dr. Metro is a caring person. She walks her talk. She is there for you. Dr. Metro has helped me to establish a normal sleep pattern, which had been disrupted for four years. She worked with me on my depression, my immune system, and my diet, irritable bowel, my addiction and my excruciating pain. She also assisted in working with me on a new exercise routine.

Dr. Metro goes far beyond being your physician. I highly recommend her as an expert in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I will be leaving Michigan for the winter. I am convinced that, by continuing to take the supplements recommended by Dr. Metro, exercising, and meditating, l will continue to feel good and never allow this disease to take control of me again. I also know that, if I have any problems, Dr. Irene Metro is a phone call away. I personally believe that she should go on the road doing workshops and teaching other doctors her techniques. After all, she is a specialist.

As you can see, two months ago I was overwhelmed with pain and fatigue. I felt like my circuit board was overloaded and burning out. Today I can enjoy my life, my friends and my family again. I am now able to play with my granddaughter. Today I was dancing with her. Two months ago this would have not been possible. Life is good !!

I may be reached by telephone if anyone would like to speak with me about my experiences.

Patricia A. Green

Mariposa Dreams

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